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Kincaid & Associates, PLLC, in Wilmington, NC provides exceptional and personalized service to its clients in North Carolina and across the country. Our attorneys are experienced in business, contract, finance, taxation, intellectual property, and estate planning law. With attorneys licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the federal courts, we offer reasonable rates and prompt communications, with a spirit of cooperation and efficiency.

We believe in imparting personal and detailed attention to every one of our clients. Many attorneys say this, but very few actually achieve it, primarily due to the organization of most law firms.

At Kincaid & Associates, PLLC, we know that our clients deserve better than simply lofty aspirations. We pledge one-business-day callbacks or email responses to all clients. Additionally, each client has access to multiple attorneys in the firm interchangeably—we are all well versed in several areas of practice and our clients’ needs to be able to respond in our colleagues’ stead.

We offer our clients superior legal services without breaking the bank. Quite simply, legal representation does not need to be expensive to be outstanding.

You will not meet with us in fancy wood-paneled offices with shelves of hardbound leather books because we do not believe in charging our clients commensurate with this kind of spending. We maintain low overhead costs while equipping our attorneys and staff with the necessary tools and training to excel in their fields.

Kincaid and Associates team

Our team employs a hands-on approach in every case we handle. For more information on our practice areas, please call us at 910-399-7907 or fill out our contact form. Our attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal concern.

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